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About Us

Renting an e-bike is easy. We have touring bikes that are suitable for city and gravel roads, and road bikes with buck handlebars

You can rent one or more bicycles over one or several days. Our bikes are new and our mechanics always keep them safe.

Oslo has a lot to experience. Visit the citycenter, parks, hikingtrails, coastline and mountains. The varied and hilly Norwegian terrain makes e-bikes a perfect alternative, you get the extra push when you need it.


We serve Guided and Unguided Tours

Our Services

Regular service is important to increase the lifespan of the bicycle. With normal maintenance, such as regular washing and lubrication of the chain, you can count on a low maintenance cost per kilometer of use. If you do not maintain the bicycle regularly, the cost can quickly double or triple. Holder If the bike is regularly kept nice and clean, the cost can be halved. Wear parts last longer if there is no sand, dirt or old oil on the bike.

A normal bicycle service involves adjusting the gears and brakes, changing the most common wearing parts such as cleats and wire, checking the drive train and all bearings, lubricating the chain and filling the tires with the correct air pressure.

It’s smart to have your bike serviced regularly. Many people choose to do this in the spring.

Cycling in winter is becoming increasingly popular. Switch to studded tyres!

We would like to do service on your bike

"Book the service today"


Parts for bicycle service will be ordered continuously if they are not in stock. Waiting time approx. 1-3 days.

Delivery Monday to Saturday, during the shop’s opening hours. Service will be carried out continuously, depending on the type of bike and service, parts in stock etc.

When submitting a bicycle for service, the bicycle must be delivered without additional equipment.

Dirty bikes wear out more both on their own bike, but also on our tools.

Very dirty bikes will in some cases cost more to repair because they are not clean.

If you are unsure how much a bicycle repair will cost, you can hand in the bicycle to get a price estimate.

  • Payment on collection.
  • Pre-agreed prices.
  • If service becomes more expensive than agreed or assumed, you will be contacted in advance.

When the bike is ready and the service has been carried out, you will be contacted by e-mail and SMS.


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What our client says


Vi var på studiebesök från Sverige för att kolla in Oslos stadsplanering och drog runt tio kollegor på hyrcyklar. Tack vare dem hann vi se stora delar av staden på bara en dag, och fick möjlighet att känna oss som riktiga Oslobor

Vera Esaiasson

There are some things you can’t leave your home without. They’re your fundamentals, your essentials – the everyday things that make life that little bit easier, especially when you’re travelling as a family. With The Rider, we’ll ensure they’re never forgotten.

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