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We carry out maintenance, washing and service and repair of your bike, whether it is an electric bike, city bike, mountain bike or road bike – we service everything on two wheels


A normal bicycle service involves adjusting the gears and brakes, changing the most common wearing parts such as cleats and wire, checking the drive train and all bearings, lubricating the chain and filling the tires with the correct air pressure.


Regular bicycle service is important to increase the lifespan of the bicycle. For normal bicycle maintenance, such as regular washing and lubrication of the chain, you should expect a maintenance cost of NOK 1 per kilometer of use. If you do not maintain the bike regularly, the cost can quickly double or triple. If you are good at keeping the bike clean, the cost can be halved. Wear parts last much longer if there is no sand, dirt or old oil on the bike.


It’s smart to get your bike serviced once in a while. Many choose to do this in the spring. If, on the other hand, you bring the bike at the end of the season when there is less demand for bike service, the bike will be ready for use when you take it out in the spring.


Cycling in winter is becoming increasingly popular. Studded tires should have 240 studs or more so that the tire always gets a good grip. If you cycle daily, we recommend that you buy quality tyres. Good tires usually last three full seasons before they need to be replaced, unlike cheap tires that can last a few weeks.


When submitting a bicycle for service, the bicycle must be delivered without additional equipment. Locks, side bags etc. takes up a lot of space and makes it more difficult to repair. The bicycle must also be delivered washed.

Dirty bikes wear out more both on your own bike, but also on our tool. Very dirty bikes will therefore in some cases cost more to repair because they have not been freshly washed.

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